Practical Daily Cars that Can Double as Exciting Weekend Rides

No one wants to sacrifice fun for work. The worst thing you can do in your life – in general – is let work rule your life. You are only given one of these, so you might as well make it a good time. But of course, in order to have a good time, you need to make money, so you need some sort of income. And then you have the necessary requirements to make it so you can succeed at your job. It becomes a tiresome circle, and you don’t want to lose out by prioritize the mundane at the cost of your personality. All that said, here are some cars that are practical for daily use and your commute during the week, but can let you air out on the weekends and have some fun.

1. Jeep Wrangler


We’d sort of lost track of the Jeep brand for a couple of years, thinking that they were not keeping up with the times and were becoming obsolete. Not so! We stumbled across and we were immediately struck by how affordable the new Wranglers are, and also how awesome they are. You can close up the sides and put on the suit and tie and take this thing to work all week long, sitting comfortably in traffic listening to NPR, and then on the weekend, pull down the sides and hit the beaches or the desert and all the terrain in between. There are no more versatile cars than the Jeep Wranglers, and you can see for yourself easily how cheap they actually can be, and how they can fit into your budget. Check it out here:

2. Subaru Outback


Outback must be a Japanese word meaning versatility. If not, it should be. These cars are pretty much as dual-used as possible. They drive like a sedan, so when you’re commuting to work, or if you need to haul stuff to or from a construction site – whatever your money maker is, the Subaru will have the capacity to fulfill all your needs. Silent commuter, large capacity hauler, or picking the kids up from day care. Everything. Then, when it comes time to throw back and live a little, these little puppies can handle all the terrain you can throw at them. Go off-roading in Joshua Tree, or take the family up to Yosemite. Whatever your weekend plans, the Subbie will get you there.

3. Nissan Xterra


The Nissan Xterra is a fantastic SUV for the money. Not only do you get the familiar and reliable name of Nissan – who by the way are making a great comeback as a trustworthy brand – but you also get the sleek and desirable exterior of a luxury SUV, the smooth comfortable insides of a luxury sedan, and the reliability of a luxury Nissan. That’s a lot of luxury! So your commute during the week will be quite and peaceful, and then on the weekends, bam – you’ve got the car you need to go on a road trip, or hit Disneyland, or anything in between. The family will love the capacity inside, and the neighbors will be jealous of your new stylish ride. And what more could you ask for than comfort, your family’s adoration, and your neighbor’s envy?