Hidden gems across LA county

One of the real treats about living in Southern California is how much we, as residents, don’t know. There are numerous special places nestled in the hills and valleys that you would have to be the hippest person around to know about all of them. There are so many secrets, right here inside our backyard, and I’d like to share just some of them. There is one thing that all of these backyard secrets share, and that is that you require the right vehicle to get to them. Driving in Los Angeles you may already know can be somewhat of an adventure, and it’s important to ensure that you have the best one. For me, it means a hybrid.

The Nissan Altima hybrid offers you exactly what you need within a city similar to this. It is fantastically safe, employing inspired, advanced safety features that will offer your and you also family another element of security on any road trip. Not only that, however it will give you great gas mileage at the same time, and in this economy and with this environment, is important. Check out this hybrid or any of the other great Nissan cars or trucks at Nissan Carson or Downtown Nissan and locate exactly the right vehicle to suit your needs. Now to the good stuff.

Among my favorite secrets in L . A . is Lake Hollywood Park. Secretly nestled right underneath the Hollywood sign, this beautiful vista offers locals and tourists alike a take a look at everything relevant in L . A .. You can see the sign, but you can also the reservoir that rests above Hollywood. You can see completely from the ocean to the mountains, and on a definite day, you can even see Catalina Island on the ocean horizon. This is a must see for just about any LA enthusiast.


The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City is another of my favorite gems. It’s tough to say what sort of museum it even is because it features such an eclectic collection of seemingly dissimilar artifacts that it’s hard to summarize. I will explain this though, there are sculptures made from individual butterfly wing cells that can redefine patience for you. You will find sculptures built inside pinheads as well, so when you think your work requires a certain amount of concentration, you better think again.


Lastly, and I can’t stress this place enough, you must go to the Griffith Observatory. It’s an amazing escape for the whole family that gives culture, beautiful nature and invaluable education. I know this isn’t necessarily a secret, but I think it’s important enough that every of my readers should give it another look. Just for old times’ sake.