Natural Air Freshener Ideas for Your Car

Air fresheners are very cheap and easily accessible it’s true, but there’s something nice about making your personal, even if you’re not commonly a “crafty” type of person. If you make your very own car air freshener you can choose your chosen fragrances while keeping your vehicle smelling as fresh and clean as the day your drove it from the car lot at . . or wherever you happened to buy your car from.


If you are in the market for a new car it really is worth checking out to see what’s available – right, back to business, where was I? Oh yes, making your own car air freshener.

Here’s how to do it, well, one way how to do it, utilize your imagination.

This is how you can make your personal dangling smelly tree to hang from your rear view mirror, or air cooling knob, or radio controls . . . you can actually hang it wherever you want to, the selection is yours.

It’s recommended to recycle things in your own home as much as possible to make this car air freshener, re-using and recycling can come from all directions.

First, you need to design a template. If you don’t fancy having a tree shaped air freshener then use your imagination and design something else – maybe a flower, or a star, or a bus, or an apple, or a banana – you could potentially even have a word template with “Love” onto it, or your partners name for the truly romantic among you (it also will make a very inexpensive and thoughtful gift for cheapskates).


Anyhow, draw your template onto paper and cut around it, then put it onto your recycled fabric (old drapes, clothes, table clothes, handkerchiefs) and cut two pieces of cloth into the same shape. If you’re feeling really creative you could use some other pattern of cloth for every single side, how’s that for original?

Next thing is to find an old cardboard box – cereal packet, disused packaging, birthday card or similar – and cut out a sheet of cardboard towards the shape of your template.

Glue one piece of the fabric to each and every side of your card then leave it to dry . . . actually, just a thought, this would be a terrific project for a kid to make with regard to their fathers birthday / father’s day / Christmas . . . simply a thought!

Okay, now you can choose your favorite fragrance oil to recognize onto the air freshener. Natural fragrance oils will last for a long time and can easily be topped up when needed.


Following the oil has dried to your car air freshener punch a hole inside the top, thread through a bit of cord or ribbon (don’t knot it yet) and tie it onto your rear view mirror. Make sure that your period of ribbon is just enough so that it doesn’t hamper your sight of the rear view mirror or indeed the road ahead.

Whenever your car air freshener begins to lose its aroma you can dab a little more oil onto it to give it a fresh lease of life.

That’s really all there is to it.

Bought car air fresheners tend to lose their fragrance quite quickly and don’t always smell as pleasant as you think they ought to. If one makes your own car air freshener you can use only natural, sweet smelling oils of your choice., the majority of them are also manufactured using chemicals which actually affect the air quality within your car.