How Giugiaro Clipper Is Making Name In The Industry


Italdesign Giugiaro has used one of VW’s modular new MQB platforms to underping their latest creationg: a minivan that’s both green and fun. If you’re familiar with the world of boating, you’ll know the term identifies a kind of sailing boat, It’s known as the Clipper and.

The focus behind its creation was “tomorrow’s cities and world,” but there’s no getting out of the fact it appears a bit similar to a Golf in the front.

In Giorgetto Giugiaro’s own words, they “wanted to focus our styling and engineering research on a project for a deliberately not futuristic car. Really the only concession to exotic depends on the door opening mechanism, with ‘butterfly’ doors at the front and ‘gull-wing’ behind.

In the spirit of the craft it was named after, the Clipper makes silent progress thanks to a pair of 150 hp electric motors (one on each axle); it can make a reasonable bit of it too, reaching a range of 540 km or 337 miles on a single full charge.

Plenty of attention went into conceiving the model’s interior, which “represents the real revolutionary element of this concept car” and can seat up to six occupants, all of which have an unobstructed way out and in courtesy of the unique door design – part Lamborghini, part Tesla Model X.